Activity Flash Cards for kids (Wipe & Clean) With Free Erasable Marker


We help to Nursery Kids, Junior Kids and Primary Kids With Activity Cards. 108 Reusable Activity Flash Cards (100+ Activities) that covers Logical Thinking, Problem Solving, Complex Thinking and other Brain Development Activities. 108 Activities with learning by doing like Colours, Week Days, Numbers, Shapes, Body Parts, Alphabets, and Size . All Activity Flash Cards are Laminated and Sustaining.. It includes 108 Learning Activities 26 Alphabets, 10 Shapes, 19 Body Parts, 7 Week Days, 8 Other Activity, 6 Size, 20 Numbers, 12 Colours.

  • Activity Flash Cards for Kids age 4/5+ are an easy & fun way to learn about the world’s cultures and languages, as well as basic scientific knowledge. Includes 108 cards per packet! These cards are re-usable and made from environmentally friendly materials.
  • Activity Flash Cards are great for your little one to encourage learning through play. Developed to help kids ages 3-5, these reusable cards will be used over and over again. Each one includes a unique illustration on the front with an activity suggestion on the back – so as your child observes, reads, practices and plays with the card, they’ll strengthen their early learning skills! Perfect for home or in the classroom.
  • These Activity Flash Cards are perfect for kids ages 4-6 years old. They help practice numbers, colors, and shapes while playing fun games! The cards are made from quality materials that are guaranteed to last.
  • These activity flash cards will help your little ones start learning fun activities while they are also keeping their hands busy. This set has 108 cards and each one contains an illustration plus a prompt and several objects to choose from to complete the given word. They can be used on their own, with other sets of cards or even on their own for extra practice of particular skills.
  • Add extra magic to your child’s life with these activity flashcards. The cards are made from durable, wipe-clean material that can be used again and again. The set includes 108 activities designed for children aged 3 and up.


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