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Animal AR 3D Safari brings your favorite animals in a real environment with AR. Animal AR 3d Safari Flashcards is a lightweight app that allows you to scan printed animal cards and animals come alive in front of your eyes! Play with real animals right in your home using augmented reality. Have a lion on your palm or maybe you’d prefer a butterfly instead. You can scan multiple cards at once, why not make a zoo of all animals.

Animal AR are no longer boring, it will bring wild animals into your world, through the magic of Augmented Reality. Experience, watch and Interact with Prehistoric animals in this Extinct Animals AR from your living place itself. All animals featured in Animal AR safari are based on real-world animals and bring your favorite animals to your desk and watch them in different actions like Run, Walk, Attack, Swim, Eat and Many more.

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How to Use

– More than two-dozen animals including shark, elephant and wolf etc.
– Learn with Fun in a creative way.
– 4D+ view animals with animation.
– Increase the ability to observe, memorize and understanding animals.
– No internet connection required so you can play it anywhere even you are offline.
– You can scan Multiple cards at one time.
– It is an Augmented Reality app which will helps you easy and fast learning.
– The Real world animals with Realistic animation is looks beautiful.
– Easy and intuitive controls.

101 reviews for Animal AR 3D Safari Flashcards

  1. Vishal

    Perfect for my Kids! This is what I was looking for. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Madhu Kohli

    We would like to thank you spartankids for providing such an excellent service with caring and wonderful activities with your cards.

  3. Geetanjali Ramaswamy

    It is terrific to be able to know exactly what the children do, learn, sign or play with.

  4. Ayana Koch

    We would like to thank you spartankids for providing such an excellent service with caring and wonderful activities with your cards.

  5. Angelica Welch


  6. Dewayne Blanda

    very good game but more animalls also joystick

  7. Aric Rodriguez

    Best AR app for knowing animals sitting at your home!!!!!

  8. Caesar Buckridge

    Good app Looking so real

  9. Lennie Ruecker


  10. Kenyatta Olson

    bro bro I am so many axited this app because I am use this app

  11. Kianna Lehner

    Nice app. Its ar quality is really amazing

  12. Weber

    I love this app it’s fun. My brother plays it a lot.

  13. Guillermo McCullough

    I love it There are no words to tell about this app

  14. Tierra Reichert


  15. Delta Braun


  16. Melissa Predovic

    Most amazing AR app for child

  17. Vida Tremblay

    This is one of the few apps available for animal lovers such as myself. It allows us to reimagine endangered and threatened species in our real world.

  18. Forrest Schimmel

    I love animals I’m an animal lover and my mom said I’m an artist cool I always wanted to see other animals

  19. Gabriel Hettinger

    Game is amazing like real animals πŸΎπŸ˜πŸ’πŸ» are hear β€’

  20. Naomi Ondricka

    Amazing photography app i’ve ever enjoyed….πŸ‘πŸ»

  21. Rosamond Hintz

    Very very best app in the world thank you for this ProductπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  22. Eudora Lang

    Really great app specially for kids to educate them atleast we can tell small kids, how animals looks and behave. Try to add more animals. This is the only app that i know which is available on market without Adds. “KEEP IT UP GUYS”.

  23. Trycia

    My daughter is fond of animals and she loves this app. Very happy.

  24. Brandt Dare

    THE BEST AUGMENTED REALITY APP I LIKE IT & i want more actions well done devs

  25. Hector Ward

    Nyc Application I also recommend to all . plz try it.

  26. Ashlee Lebsack

    it is very fun to play this even my mom also like it

  27. Ashlee Lebsack

    it is very fun to play this even my mom also like it, I very use this app

  28. Domingo Skiles

    really animalsis are goodcute πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘

  29. Landen Koelpin

    Good as Amazing………. Interesting……….😎😎😎😎

  30. Willow Emard

    Fun and interesting concept πŸ‘

  31. Claudia Parisian

    Amazing real fun when learning. Gives real experience of animals.

  32. Krystal Lubowitz

    Good Concept sir πŸ˜€ I give this game a 1000 out of 1000

  33. Nicole Bosco

    Very good and happy

  34. Aurore Schmeler

    AR animals are very very very very fantastic

  35. Breana Pfannerstill

    Very good app Loved the graphics of the animals nice and easy to use. Buy this product πŸ˜€ Thank you

  36. Daphne Von

    Easy to use, This app easy to use but works very likely.

  37. Angelica Gorczany

    this app was soo amazing!but it is hard to figure out!

  38. Brannon Bernhard

    perfect to keep kids (of all ages) entertained. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  39. Ellis Parisian

    Many things easy understand good App

  40. Theron Thiel

    great job, very good for learn and fun

  41. Khalil Blanda

    Cool app! So helpfull for teaching elementary student

  42. Jan Armstrong

    App performed well, great fun for young children

  43. Mireille D’Amore experience kids learn animal name and picture Amazing

  44. Marcia Rutherford

    Very good app…… For children to learn more about animal life

  45. Astha Dubey

    Good Product, I like it

  46. Sameera Venkataraman

    Very good and happy

  47. Aastha Johal

    Very Interesting

  48. Tarun Bir

    AR animals are very very very very fantastic

  49. Deepesh Raj

    Animal AR 3D safari is good for leaning child

  50. Jawahar Pillay

    Very Good Product.. Must buy for kids

  51. Chirag Merchant

    Go for it if you want to explore Augmented reality

  52. Preshita Kadakia

    5 star to concept, 4 star to app

  53. Ankita Anand

    Must have for all toddlers… Engaging AR based learning experience

  54. Kalyan Ratti

    Entertaining and educational

  55. Kalyan Ratti

    I recommend it to all parents

  56. Hemendra Halder

    Innovative concept

  57. Urvashi Anne


  58. Ratan Kadakia

    Good quality and interactive way of play and learning

  59. Gayatri Gandhi

    Wonderful way to reach kids new concepts

  60. Shashank Sastry

    Best educational game ever

  61. Teena Balasubramanian

    Very informative cards for kids.enhance brain development.

  62. Jayshree Choudhry

    Innovative and creative App

  63. Aditi Chahal

    Great AR animal app with flash cards. I bought animal flashcard set and i got free activation code now i am able to use full app in my 3 devices. My kids love so much to play with interactive animals. Amazing graphics with 3d content of animals. Its help my kids to learn animals with fun in crative ..

  64. Sweta Sharma

    My son loves it very much,it is one of the best game for toddler’ child can learn about animals better using this app. Flash cards quality is awesome and game play is out of the word.

  65. Pamela Rajagopalan

    My son loves it very much,it is one of the best game for toddler’ child can learn about animals better using this app. Flash cards quality is awesome and game play is out of the word.

  66. Kasturba Bhatnagar

    🦁🦁Animal AR 3d safari is great app with AR Flashcards. This game brings wild animals in front of my desk. Animals in 3D view gives unforgettable experience and it will like by child as well as adults. πŸ₯Animals library with closeup view of moving animals with attractive animals.😁

  67. Varun Roy

    LOVE these 🌴animal ar 3d flashcards. Exactly what I was looking for. So cute, thanks for this app!! Amazing graphics and kids friendly educational game.😊

  68. Julie More

    Wild life animal ar safari is good augmented reality game for kids. My 4 year kid can learn animal names with its pronunciation . animal flashcards I received in good quality I highly recommend it will fun with intractive education. And only app on store which is available without Ads. keep it up gu…

  69. Kajol Devan

    The best Animal #AR 3D Safari Flashcard app on the Play Store, and i have tried them all the animals are to scane βœŒπŸ˜‰ That’s really useful to show kids how to animals walk.. ,πŸ₯°πŸ˜

  70. Atul Om

    Animal Ar 3d safari flashcard is really amazing app… Very easy to use πŸ˜πŸŽ‰ and nice quality of pictures 😍 Thank you #SpartanKids team πŸ₯°

  71. Sukriti Vaidya

    My best friend has a younger brother and he always borrows my phone. All my games are for education only but not for toddlers, but this game really educated him. Thank you so much.

  72. Sabina Bandi

    Wow..πŸ˜€ cool.. Spartan kids Thank you πŸ₯° it’s nice for kids to learn animals, alphabets, fruits, and vegetable flashcards series..❀❀❀

  73. Hema Philip

    good work, keep going and ignore bad review. if they patience enough, they will find how good this app is. the first load is take about half a minute, that make people keep said that this app not going to work. poor them

  74. Geetanjali Aggarwal

    Both awesome and educational. the addition of a serial prompted a bit of an issue, but a quick email to support resolved it. Recommended.

  75. Alpa Johal

    very useful for teachers and also for students. Easy to use, teach too.

  76. Supriya Pradhan

    Why we can’t use normal pictures from books or photos. It’s more easy to learn children’s. Overall very nice app

  77. Sirish Khanna

    reat app even without cards Works very well with my Xiaomi phones,

  78. Niyati Ramnarine

    Good way in kids recognition learning Creative idea to bring the technology to the best way of learning.

  79. Srinivasan Dubey

    I just buy the card and download the app.. Nice tools to introduce kind of animal, and learn a lot about it..

  80. Mohit Bhatnagar

    Unbelieveble First I know this and I was amazed to see that every animal comes alive, from the card made for this app , it’s really unbelieveble ,

  81. Ragini Khurana

    Samsung galaxy note 5, works well Installing the apps, then face the camera to the card.

  82. Hassan Nigam

    It is the best to saw animal in 3d but if these have so more animals than it will very good overall it was the best it’s graphics is good but we have to give them targets so it is the -point………………………..

  83. Amolika Ratta

    it’s awesome app I have never seen app before and its working very good also. but I need more animals with in their app means that could be more enjoyable to watch this app so in future.

  84. Bimla Mukherjee

    I would be better if you put dinosaurs in in the game and that would be cool

  85. Indrani Gobin

    this game is awesome.ilove this game.its realistic game.plz make more games like this

  86. Namita Agrawal

    Best AR app for knowing animals sitting at your home

  87. Kabeer Dua

    I love animals I’m an animal lover and my mom said I’m an artist cool I always wanted to see other animals

  88. Sheetal Sarma

    Amazing ar experience
    I feel the zoo at our home.
    Me and my kid both enjoy a lot.

  89. Nishi Mogul

    Animal ar 3d safari is best return gift option for any birthday party.
    I bought 10 and its amazing.

  90. Bhola Sunder

    Best ar flashcard.
    Company doing amazing work. We are hoping for more product like this.

  91. Vineeta Mandal

    This product is easy to use and the stand is very useful so my kid can enjoy game for long time. Thanks a lot.

  92. Raj Dixit

    First I think it was fake but after taking demo I ordered 3 pcs and working amazingly. Worth to Invest.

  93. Leela Shere

    My daughter love to feed elephant and other animals.
    Amazing interactive game.

  94. Nikita Dora

    Very good customer care support. They resolve my issue in 4 hour.

  95. Qadim Agrawal

    my baby boy love to watch animal on this. Super educational game.

  96. Kirti Sidhu

    Fin with learn. Easy to use.
    My nephew was stun after watching real snake on his hand. Very nice concept.

  97. Yamini Meka

    Hey team spartan. This is really amazing product and we are expecting much higher games from you then this.

  98. Ibrahim Lachman

    I am a pre school teacher and you don’t believe how helpful this product is for me. Thanks team.

  99. Naresh Mogul

    My little daughter play every day with this and learn about octopus and other animals which we can’t see in India.

  100. Trishana Aurora

    Bahot hi mast product hai.
    Thanks for making such a wonderful animal ar 3d.

  101. Padmini Deshmukh

    Bhai bhai avaj chhe. Khub Saro product banyo chhe tame
    Thank you

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