Vegetables Flashcards


PATTERNS FLASH CARDS : Include 27 Vegetables Flashcards. The cards have a Front of a High quality picture, and the Back side of the picture and their descriptions, that babies will see and learn about.

BUILD UP MEMORY: Flash cards learning develops the right brain memory of a baby, the memory stored in the right brain stays for a lifetime. Highly entertaining and effective for both, students as well as educators.

QUALITY & DURABILITY: Large high quality, easily understandable picture cards, that are double durable. Perfect for strengthening and improving your student’s vocabulary and language skills.

EDUCATIONAL: Vegetables Flashcards for kids are scientifically designed for your newborn baby’s brain development. They can also be used to create engaging and educational activities for toddlers to learn.

PERFECT FOR GIFT: Vegetables Flashcards make for perfect gifts for pregnant and new mothers, and at new born baby birthdays.

Product Specification

This Vegetables Flashcards is the perfect gift you can ever give, that makes your friends and family with children feel special. Our Flash cards can be a gift on any occasion like Birthdays, Holidays, Diwali and many more.

The Birth To Age 6 Sees The Fastest Rate Of Brain Development In The Entire Human Life Span.

A Healthy Baby Will Emerge From The Womb With 100 Billion Neurons, Nearly Twice As Many Neurons As Adults. In A Brain That’s Half The Size.





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