10 Interesting Facts About Child’s Brain Development

10 Interesting Facts About Child’s Brain Development

A young boy holding a book with a brain in the background.

The brain is the most powerful organ in the human body. You have listened to stories about various leaders whose brains are well-developed and who have conquered the world.

If you want your child to outstand the world, nourish the brain since childhood. The development of the brain is a scientific process. There are certain activities and toys for kids that are available to brainstorm your child’s thinking, application, and creative abilities.

Introducing learning at an early age will help the brain develop better than normal. An active child is found to have more IQ and EQ. Give them challenges and let them learn the basics.

Why is brain development important?

The brain is the center of any human’s success. The brain is like a control center when it comes to the control of the body, behaviour or response. The child’s brain has different developmental stages that need special care.

The growth of the brain is important and if you incorporate various toys for kids, that enhances their abilities to function better. Scientifically, it is proven that a child’s brain undergoes development at the age of 5.

Give your child extra care and attention, as this is the best time to develop the best habits, routines and memories. They will carry forward what you teach today for the rest of your life.

10 Tips for Better Brain Development

Here are 10 interesting facts about a child’s brain development that will help you incorporate overall brain improvement. These tips are good if incorporated into parenting.

  1. The child observes and grasps the expressions of the people around them. They learn to express themselves from you, and parent’s behavior plays an important role.

Tip: Avoid negative emotions in front of a child, and remember the way you behave; they will learn and do the same.

  1. After the birth, initially, weeks are tough; the child feels hunger, loneliness, fatigue, etc. due to transitions pre and post-delivery. Understand the child’s situation and respond with love, care, and affection.

Tip: The child will wake you up at an unusual time; it’s tough but try to control your anger and the way you react to avoid a negative impact on the baby. There are many toys for kids available. Try to soothe them using these toys.

  1. The human brain develops very quickly. At the time of birth, the baby’s brain is like an ape. Help your child by providing them with learning toys, which will help them develop their skills.

Tip: At this time, the grasping power of any child is high; if you introduce them to a new thing, they will remember it.

  1. Introduce new words when you communicate with your child. It will help them learn the language better and they will use the words when they speak.

Tip: During the age of 3-5 years, buy kids learning toys like puzzles, jumbled games, etc. It will enhance their learning ability and improve their vocabulary.

  1. In years 1 to 3, brain development is the highest. The cerebellum is the fastest-developed part of the brain. This part is responsible for the movement learning. The child learns different movements, like walking, clapping, and others. They also understand various reactions.

Tip: Let your child play with the various toys available; it will help them strengthen their movement. Leave them on the ground, and let them play with different things.

  1. You have often observed the child start missing people after 9 months of birth. They cry and react, which proves that the baby’s memory for people develops after 9 months.

Tips: Introduce kids learning toys at this stage; it will develop their memory faster. Posters and pictures may attract the child.

  1. It’s fun if your child is less than 3 years old. Do you know if he or she closes his or her eyes and thinks that you are not able to see them? If they have asked for something and you have denied it, and in reaction, the child closes their eyes with her hands, their perspective says that you can not see them either. Interesting right?

Tip: This means that a child’s brain has its ability too; if you give them better habits, they will become better.

  1. Do you know a baby smaller than six months does not have clear vision? This means that until the child reaches six months, he or she is not able to see anyone. After 6 months, they start to see their faces and things around them.

Tip: Introduce kids learning toys in the form of visuals, like pictures, videos, and charts. The child will start remembering them. The memory will develop faster and they will remember things slowly. Frequent exposure will lead to better memory.

  1. Small babies do not remember all the things done by parents in the long run. Like how you treat them, where you took them on the trip, and your daily routine. But such actions will prove great for brain and temperamental development.

Tip: At this stage, prepare a routine for the child, like sleeping time, eating time, etc. As the development of the brain continues, these will become habits.

  1. Have you ever wondered why the baby is unable to recognize other members but easily knows who the mother is? It’s because they recognize the mother by her smell. Yes, the smell sense is developed and they recognize people by their body scent until their vision becomes better.

Tip: Try to be around the child; it will help them develop recognition better.


A good habit develops at an early age. If you provide your child with a healthy environment for better development, they will bloom like a beautiful flower.

Children are like wet soil; the way you mold them, the personality they get. Multiple kids learning toys are available and they will help with brain development as they are designed for the same.

Get the kids the toys and use the above tips to help them get exposure. It will enhance not only the brain but also overall development. Happy Parenting!!!

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