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About us

Welcome To Spartan Kids

The mission of the creative professionals who make up Spartan Kids is to use a combination of art and technology to offer children all around the world a free, interesting, and high-quality primary education. This group of professionals collaborates to generate cutting-edge educational products and services for children. They include artists, developers, animators, marketers, and managers. Their curriculum adheres to national and international standards while being entertaining and instructional. Their ultimate objective is to equip kids with the knowledge and abilities that will enable them to develop into smarter, more well-rounded people. Spartan Kids are like one big family with a goal in mind to help make a smarter generation and optimize the experiences of students, teachers, and families.

Child’s learning with hands-on activities

Children need to learn more than just academically. SpartanKids activities suited for preschool kids, your students will build foundational skills in everything from counting to reading comprehension, fractions to necessary coding, and much more.


SpartanKids offers an excellent learn-to-read program for youngsters that is both joyful and educationally solid. Your child can develop their reading skills with SpartanKids in a useful and enjoyable way. The program is practical for busy families because it is simple to include into your everyday routine. SpartanKids is a dependable option for parents wishing to assist their kids in acquiring great reading skills because to its well-established track record.


A fantastic resource for introducing common fruits and vegetables to young children is Fruits & Vegetables Flashcards. Their ability to learn visually is stimulated and engaged by the introduction of appealing images. This is crucial because children have the best chance of growing their right brain between the ages of zero and six, with the biggest chance occurring earlier in life. By exposing youngsters to the names and visuals of fruits and vegetables, they can begin to develop their awareness and interest in healthy foods at an early age.

Problem Solving

Children can learn the prime numbers from 1 to 26 via play and interaction with Spartan Kids. The learning process is fascinating and aesthetically stimulating thanks to the use of vibrant images depicting various objects drew on the cards. Children may easily understand the concept of prime numbers and improve their mathematics abilities in a fun way by counting these things. Younger students benefit most from this strategy because it makes abstract ideas more relatable and understandable. Children can discover prime numbers with Spartan Kids and lay a strong basis for their future math studies.

Decision Making

Giving pupils the ability to make sound decisions can improve both their individual lives and society as a whole. We give students the skills they need to successfully manage the opportunities and challenges of life by teaching them how to make better decisions. This can enhance their capacity to contribute to their communities as well as their personal and professional lives. We can assist students in realizing their full potential and having a good influence on the world around them by emphasizing decision-making abilities.


The educational process is changing thanks to augmented reality (AR) technology, which makes it more dynamic and engaging. Students may encounter and engage with extinct animals from the comfort of their own homes thanks to Extinct Animals AR. Learning is brought to life through this immersive experience, which also makes it more engaging and memorable. Students can explore and learn about the natural world in a completely new way by utilizing augmented reality technology to improve education.
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