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Spartan Kids are a team of artists, developers, animators, marketers, and managers providing free, fun, curriculum-based quality primary education to all children worldwide with art and technology. Spartan Kids provide Kids Education products and services. Spartan Kids are like one big family with a goal in mind to help make a smarter generation and optimize the experiences of students, teachers, and families.




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Child’s learning with hands-on activities

Children need to learn more than just academically. SpartanKids activities suited for preschool kids, your students will build foundational skills in everything from counting to reading comprehension, fractions to necessary coding, and much more.

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SpartanKids products provide your child with an educationally sound and highly enjoyable learn to read program that is not only fun and practical but also easy to integrate into your daily routine to improve reading skills.

  • Make learning easy and fun
  • Letters with pictures
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Alphabets & Numbers Flash Cards


Fruits & Vegetables Flashcards introduces common Fruits and Vegetables with the help of eye-catching pictures. Kids have the greatest potential for developing the right brain from ages zero to six years old, with the highest potential being at earlier ages.

  • Cool and colorful Flashcards
  • Teach vegetable & fruits names
  • Learning content
  • Games to grow curious minds

Problem Solving

Spartan Kids introduces prime numbers from 1 to 26 interactively and playfully by counting them with eye-catching pictures of different objects drawn on the cards.

  • Simple & versatile learning resource
  • Teach numbers and counting
  • Corresponding objects for counting
  • counting in an interactive way

Decision Making

If you believe that better decisions lead to better lives and a better society, improve lives by empowering students with essential decision skills.

  • Mix Pictures and Words
  • opportunity to learn for kids & toddlers
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Early Language Skills


Education with AR is no longer boring; it will bring wild animals into your world through the magic of Augmented Reality. Experience, watch, and Interact with Prehistoric animals in this Extinct Animals AR from your living place itself.

  • Learn with Fun in creative way
  • AR Education App
  • Easy and intuitive controls
  • additional ways to learning