5 Keys to Raising Healthy Kids: The Parenting Principles

5 Keys to Raising Healthy Kids: The Parenting Principles


Parenting, what is parenting and how is it done? Are we ready to be parents? and many more questions come to an individual’s mind. Whether you are a new parent or you have experience being a parent, surprises are all you get. Add some positive parenting tips and enhance your parenting method.

A child is a reflection of his or her parents, which is all we have heard for ages. It’s true, according to Drew Barrymore “The best kind of parent you can be is to lead by example.”

Good parenting means guiding, nurturing, and creating a happy and responsible generation. There are no rules or set methods when we talk about parenting because every child is special and has a different approach, and you can learn to handle them with time.

Give space, spend time, create your world with your child, and be an understanding parent. Here are 5 positive parenting tips that you can incorporate into your beautiful learning journey called parenting.

Make Time for Your Children

I am sure you remember your childhood when, when you came home, your mother was waiting for you with all the delicious cooked food and love she had. Now the scene has changed, and we have the concept of working parents.

No complaints, for a secure future; it is good and a necessity too. But in this busy world, reserve some time for your children. They also need the most secure relationship of their lives.

Play with them, help them increase their knowledge through educational toys, take them out, or sometimes just talk with them about their day-to-day lives.

For any relation to progress, communication is the key, just as with the child. Communication makes them comfortable and relaxed and develops faith in you.

Time is the most precious gift you can give to your child.

Solve Their curiosity and answer the questions

Children are inquisitive about their surroundings, people, and even themselves. Positive parenting tips include answering too. Understand the question and try to give them as straight an answer as possible. Rather than making stories or ignoring the question, answer it in the simplest way possible.

It is observed that new parents have issues like “O god, how much do they question?”. That is the beauty of being a child—they want to know everything. Make them familiar. Their questions are a way for them to understand the difference between right and wrong.

Help them develop their curious minds by playing games with them. There are many toys for kids available that will actually enhance their curious behavior; they will understand the basics

Just some advice that your answers will determine their judging and understanding capabilities. They believe you; if you shape them right, they will face the world with confidence.

Give Respect to Get Respect

Children are greatly observant; they grasp behavior very quickly. Always remember the way you speak, the words you use, and the way you treat others. They will learn it all. Every parent has a desire that the next generation should respect them; first, learn to give respect.

Start at home, learn to behave with your spouse, keep your fights in the bedroom, and try to avoid shouting at each other or anyone in front of your child. Give respect to your housekeeper, security guard, and other helpers.

Respecting people also begins at home, just as charity begins at home.

Make rules, but be Flexible

Discipline is the key to success. To fulfill dreams, it is important to follow rules with flexibility. Every household has its own regulations, time bar, etc. But do not impose rules or customs that were followed by you during your childhood.

Usually, it seems that parents try to repeat what they had in their childhood, which is a big no. Its not necessary that what’s good at that time fit here as well. If you experience the change, only then can you be a good parent.

Educate them about time, discipline and consistency; you can take help from the various educational toys available. Reward them when they follow the rules; encourage them. In some cases,  they break them up, explain the importance and discuss it with them. Avoid scolding, shouting and harsh punishments.

Keep an Eye on What they see and with whom they stay

Being a parent does not mean you breach the privacy of your child but know what they do, whom they are friends with, We are in an era of gadgets; wrong or right, every piece of information is just a click away.

Try to involve them with family, friends and physical activities rather than spending hours on phones, laptops and TVs. You cannot avoid it but you can try to minimize it. Provide toys for kids or get them into some classes for betterment.

Get in touch with their friends, know about their families and discuss their routine. This will make your child comfortable with you. Being a friend more than a parent is what is required in today’s generation.

A healthy discussion is always useful. Don’t force anything; just listen, reach a mutual decision and implement.


Parenting is a ever learning journey. At every age, your child will change and you have to deal with this. Positive parenting tips will help you but you also need to stay positive.

Understand your child, their surrounding and change things as per the requirements. Parenting can never be stiff; flexibility is all you need to make it work. You can be your child’s sibling, friend and, when needed, parent.

Relax, figure out your way of parenting and experiment with it. Trust me, it will be fun and you will feel like living your childhood again. Go to the gardens, take the rides, have that chocolate and it will make a difference.

To be a good parent, relive the child within you and you will work it out. Relive what you liked as a child; don’t nag every time; sometimes just enjoy and go with the flow.

Buy toys for kids, play with them and give them the childhood you desire. Remember, time, attention and you are all your child requires. Happy Parenting!!!

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