Animal AR Flash Cards | Augmented Reality Based 42 Cards

Animal AR Flash Cards | Augmented Reality Based 42 Cards


Animal AR 3D Safari brings your favorite animals in a real environment with AR. Animal AR 3d Safari Flashcards is a lightweight app that allows you to scan printed animal cards and animals come alive in front of your eyes! Play with real animals right in your home using augmented reality. Have a lion on your palm or maybe you’d prefer a butterfly instead. You can scan multiple cards at once, why not make a zoo of all animals.

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Animal AR are no longer boring, it will bring wild animals into your world, through the magic of Augmented Reality. Experience, watch and Interact with Prehistoric animals in this Extinct Animals AR from your living place itself. All animals featured in Animal AR safari are based on real-world animals and bring your favorite animals to your desk and watch them in different actions like Run, Walk, Attack, Swim, Eat and Many more.

– More than two-dozen animals including shark, elephant and wolf etc.
– Learn with Fun in a creative way.
– 4D+ view animals with animation.
– Increase the ability to observe, memorize and understanding animals.
– No internet connection required so you can play it anywhere even you are offline.
– You can scan Multiple cards at one time.
– It is an Augmented Reality app which will helps you easy and fast learning.
– The Real world animals with Realistic animation is looks beautiful.
– Easy and intuitive controls.

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