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We think of mathematics as a school subject, a body of facts that we must learn & teach our baby Maths Dots Cards. But, mathematics is a language, an orderly, predictable, and beautiful language. Babies love the language of mathematics and master the idea of quantity with ease. Our mathematics program is not a first-grade curriculum imposed upon a 6-month-old. Instead, it is a carefully designed Dots Cards program with the frequency, intensity, and duration that is appropriate for the brain growth and development of the baby. This is a relaxed, joyous process where parents learn to be sensitive to how the baby learns and how to feed that happy hunger. Mother learns what her child enjoys and creates a unique math pathway with the help of Dots Cards just for her child. These Dots cards bring mother and child closer together. Teaching a Dots Cards baby begins with understanding why babies and young children learn the way they do. When parents understand the philosophy, the techniques are simply common sense.

  • Easy, Fun & Early learning Maths: The younger your child is, the Dots Cards are easier to learn. Parents are the best teachers for their children. Children love to play with their mother and father. Learning is the highest form of play for a child. Parents love to see what their children really enjoy and to help them pursue it.
  • Maths Dots Cards Enriches Understanding: Babies can understand a great deal long before they can speak and demonstrate that understanding. The language of mathematics is natural for the baby; it enriches the baby’s strong powers of observation.
  • Brain Development: The brain is growing fastest in the first few years of life. The brain grows by using & learning Dots Cards. Mathematics is an excellent way to grow the auditory and visual pathways of the brain.
  • It Makes a Child School-Proof: When a child goes to school already loving mathematics because of Dots Cards, good teachers are delighted. When the child encounters a poor teacher, having strong math concepts will help the child navigate independently.
  • Dots Cards Content: There are 0 to 100 Dots & Numbers Flashcards kits with front and backside printed cards. Dots & Maths Symbol cards are used to recognized quantity. Card size : 280 x 210mm(A4).Number & Maths Symbol cards are used to recognized quantity. Card size : 132 x 95mm(A5). Number & Maths Symbol Tiles to develop logical thinking skills Card Size: 47 x 70mm(A5).

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