Engaging Kids at Home: 5 Activities for WFH Parents

Engaging Kids at Home: 5 Activities for WFH Parents



The pandemic has created a new culture of working from home. This new system is beneficial as well as a matter of concern for the parents. Why so? It is because of their little, naughty angels.

There are a lot of parents, especially mothers, who prefer to work from home to keep their children company, but the most relevant concern for them is how to keep these super intelligent small babies busy while they work.

There are a lot of educational toys for kids designed specifically to increase their thinking and application abilities. These toys will not only keep them busy but will also help in their overall development.

How will you choose the gifts for kids?

That is a question you must be worried about. Okay, we know we have to choose toys but how? Consider the following factors while you shop for your little one.

  • Age of the child, usually the toy manufacturers print the age for which the toy is useful; keep a check on the details.
  • What value does it bring to your child’s development? We all want them to learn good deeds, right? So this is very important.
  • Before buying educational toys for kids, understand their personalities and interests. Children always gravitate towards things in which they have an interest. A child interested in arts will always try to be creative; a scientist-like mind has curiosity and is eager to know more. So, based on these observations, you can give them what they need.

4 Amazing Gifts for Kids


Books are always the best friend if anyone wants to learn something. If you want to engage your child in a world where he/she has the habit of reading, introduce books to them rather than digital gadgets.

Books with pictures, colors, and stories in the image format will increase their visibility. As we know, our brain recognizes pictures better than text. This will be a great educational toy for kids.

Spartan Books has a collection for small kids that is specifically designed. The kids will learn rhymes, recognize fruits and vegetables, and much more. It will contribute to your child’s progress.

Picture Book

Toys and Games

Vishwanathan Anand is a name we all know. The chess champion has a sharp mind and skillful thinking. Educational toys for kids help to enhance their thinking ability, develop competition, and make them ready for the world.

Chess as a game is always considered a very nice option for the mental development of children. Encourage your child to play such games; they will be happy as they are playing them, and you do not need to worry about the negative effects.

Where can you find such games? Spartan Kids’ Games section has all types of toys and games for your children. Buy your kid the most amazing games of their life.

Magnetic Chess

Flash Cards

There are versatile flashcard sets available that are a good option for educational toys for kids.

It is found that a child’s mind shows interest at a very early age. If your child is curious about things around him/her and asks questions, they are great observers.

Flashcards give them the freedom to recognize and understand the basics. Try to involve the child in your break or free time. Use Spartan kids’ flashcards to play games with them in which they have to recognize the pictures on flash cards. They will learn numbers, alphabets, pictures, etc.


If you want to develop the application ability of your child, give them puzzles to solve. As a child, I am sure you spent a lot of time-solving cubes. Remember how concentrated you were and how you forgot everything?

Puzzles are like that; they increase concentration, increase problem-solving ability, and keep your child busy. Spartan Kids has launched a variety of puzzles for your child.

Choose puzzles as a gift for your kid, give them a lifetime memory, and keep them away from gadgets. Let your child solve puzzles, and puzzles solve your problem of how to keep them busy.

Animals & Birds Puzzle

Extra Tips to Manage Your Child While Working from Home:

  • Balance the time with their routine if the child is small, say around 3 years old.
  • Children up to 3 to 5 are able to understand things around them. Deal with them with patience, explain them, and develop the habit in them to sit with you.
  • Above 5, they have schools and a lot of burden. Try engaging them in their school activities, like sitting and doing homework when you work, and as soon as you finish your business, you will spend time with them.
  • Engage your child in indoor and outdoor activities; it will help him or her to develop mentally and physically.
  • Show them that you care and that you are around and they can be involved even when you are working.


Upbringing a child is an enormous responsibility and a 24/7 job. If you want to manage the work with them, it is important to give them what they need at their age.

Children who are between 1 and 10 are very adaptive and catch things quickly; try not to give them gadgets; rather, educational toys for kids are necessary.

Shape your child’s future in a world where he/she learns to gain knowledge, spends time with family, and lives in the real world, not the virtual world. Give them their space and help them when they need you.

Working from home is a blessing in disguise, as it’s easier to keep a check on children and give them values for better living.

There are many other options that will educate your child, explore more, and understand the child’s psychology before giving a gift. Think from their perspective too. As a parent, you will do your best but they also need to decide what they want to do and how they want to do it.

I hope the suggestions will help you and you will find a nice gift for your kids and manage your work as well. Keep learning and keep growing with your little sweethearts. Happy Parenting!

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